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Custom website


A website is your key to running a successful online business. It is a necessity, to both gain customers, advertise your product or service, or make transactions.

My custom site design and development will produce an optimize website for you and your business. With years of experience and expertise, I can guarantee your satisfaction with the end product.

I offer web design and/or development which means I can provide anything from mock-ups of your site, to the finished product.

Social network


An organic social network presence is very important for online businesses. It shows the customer that you are real and helps build trust in you and your product or service - working towards the final sale.

With my expertise, I can help your social network grow larger through interactions, promotions and content strategy.

SEO ranking


SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is the process of building and maintaining your website in a way which search engines such as Google prefer.

This results in your website appearing earlier in the search results when a term relevant to your business is searched for.

Search engines can also penalise your site if it is slow, heavy on the user or hard to use. With my help, your site could be highly optimised for search engines, which means more customers.

Hosting & domain


Hosting your own website, or purchasing and connecting your own domain can be confusing if you don't do it often.

I offer cheap hosting solutions and can also deal with the domain for you,leaving you to get on with what really matters to your business.

If any of this sounds useful