Your business needs a website to make you stand out

While Covid-19 is putting a dampener on everyone’s livelihoods right now, you can expect the markets to bounce back once it’s all blown over. Capitalise on the rebound with a unique website for your business to draw in new customers, whether you own a small barber shop, a restaurant, a delivery service or something else […]

Caching the web

Website caching is a technique of “taking a snapshot” of your web page and storing that as html. This snapshot is then stored and given to the next visitor. Why cache anything? Web pages written in modern programming languages are usually compiled by the server on each request by a visitor. This means the server […]

You are invisible on the internet

It’s not unusual. You have a website which has served you well for years but it’s just not bringing in the amount of customers that you had hoped. You wish that more people could find you on Google. Every time you search for yourself, unless you use brand specific terms, your competitors are always appearing […]

Why hire a web developer?

If you need a website making up, now you have the choice to make it yourself – even if you are not technical. Using static page builders, you can drag and drop to your heart’s content.

Why React, or any JS frontend for that matter?

One of the biggest questions I get asked is why do we need frontend JavaScript libraries, or in Angular’s case even the backend. *Why go to all that trouble?
Can’t you just make a regular website with an MVC framework and use JavaScript for interactive things such as forms and buttons?

What goes into React projects?

Everyone knows the results of React. If you’re reading this now, you’re using a website made in React. If you’ve ever been on Facebook, you used React. If you’ve ever used Netflix, AirBNB, Reddit, Trello, IMDb or then you’ve used React. The very creators and maintainers of React are the software team behind Facebook.

Sleekweb = Gatbsy + WordPress

But don’t think of this as a WordPress site with a React frontend, which technically it is… Think of it as a React website with a WordPress backend, which is a really powerful thing.

If any of this sounds useful