You are invisible on the internet

It’s not unusual. You have a website which has served you well for years but it’s just not bringing in the amount of customers that you had hoped. You wish that more people could find you on Google. Every time you search for yourself, unless you use brand specific terms, your competitors are always appearing higher up.

Luckily, you are not alone.

Improve your SEO

Your competitors show up first in a Google search. This is likely due to superior SEO on their website. That’s Search Engine Optimisation. To break it down for you, it means their website is viewed favourably by Google in comparison to all of the other options, including yours. Thus Google will place them earlier in the list of results. Not only Google, but other search engines such as Bing, Yahoo and Duck Duck Go.

How can you fight back? Well there’s many factors which go into a search engine ranking, and these factors are always being updated. We do our best to go with the flow, and that means making search engine providers happy by having a relevant and fast website.

Relevant Content

Make sure you talk about your services, at length. Use a variety of words and synonyms. For example, if you provide gardening services, you may wish to provide some specific services such as “Lawn mowing” or “Hedge Sculpting”. That means when people search for “Lawn mowing”, you will be one of the results returned. Your position in the search results would depend on how much you mention “Lawn mowing” in comparison to your other content. Mentioning it once or twice will make your site appear, but another site who mentions it a great many times and goes into detail will be the defacto experts on the subject in Google’s eyes, and therefore they will appear ahead of you in the search results.

Don’t, however, write keywords into your content when it is not relevant or makes no sense in the context. Also, a random pool of keywords on the page will be negatively scored and punished with worse SEO, so keep that in mind.

Page speed and optimise for mobile

How fast your website loads is also a large factor in SEO. Search engines prefer to give the user a nice, snappy and fast experience and therefore would rather serve up a quick website than a slow-to-load, sluggish one. It is intelligent in doing so, knowing that image and video content is going to have an effect on the page load speed, and taking that into account.

It is important to make your website as optimised as possible by stripping away anything you do not need, compressing assets and serving the page in a smart way. An example of serving the page intelligently is to load only the images which are visible in the viewport with the page. Images which require some scrolling to get to can be loaded later, saving some time now.

Optimise your site for mobile phones and tablet screens. Make the content easily readable and fit onto one screen. Accessibility is a factor in your SEO ranking, such as how easy it is to use the site and click links on a mobile, how is the contrast – is it easy to see everything.

In short, making your website a pleasant experience to use will satisfy Search Engines for the most part, as well as having the benefit of satisfying potential customers.


If this all sounds good but you are not a web developer, you could consider hiring me to create your website to the best SEO standard.

Thank you for reading.

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